Hyperconnected Action Painting

Anna Xambó and Gerard Roma

Web Audio Conference WAC-2017, August 21–23, 2017, London, UK.

This performance invites the audience to participate in an immersive experience, inspired by Jackson Pollock's action painting technique, using their mobile devices. The audience is connected through a web application that recognizes a number of gestures via the mobile accelerometer. The actions of the audience trigger different audio samples influenced by post-jazz aesthetics and are captured on a digital painting. The piece is divided into four sections distinguished by timbre, density, and rhythm. A PA system delivers a general sound stream that is complemented with the audience's actions. The spatial distribution of sound, combined with the digital painting, provides an immersive audiovisual experience. The final digital canvas is available online as a memory of the performance. The original audio samples have been recorded from street artists in New Orleans and made publicly available at Freesound.org.

Audiovisual Material: Live @ WAC 2017 - Oxford House Theatre - London, UK (21.08.2017)

Digital canvas

Live performance sound recording

Video extract